Mobile Power Solutions

ARVEY A1 – The portable solar generator

The ARVEY A1 is a mobile energy storage system that can be charged using various energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells or grid electricity.
Charge the ARVEY A1 beforehand at a power socket or via renewable energy and take it with you, like a giant powerbank. Switch it on, plug in a device and use electricity – no matter where.
For all situations, you can equip the ARVEY A1 the way you need it at the moment. It has a modular design and is developed in all areas so that it reliably supplies you with electricity when you need it. It goes without saying that our storage units meet the highest standards in terms of safety, technology and design.

1 kW power

Up to 2 kWh capacity

480 W solar input

ARVEY B2 for harsher environments

The ARVEY B2 is a mobile power supply device with power up to 2,300 W and 2,250 Wh battery capacity. It was developed according to military standards and can be used in all scenarios that require power supply in harsh environments. These include emergency services, disaster relief, police or firefighters.

The system is built according to the German technical requirements for power generating sets (VG 96968-1) and is equipped with insulation monitoring, RCD, MCB and more. In addition, the system is surrounded by a robust housing protected against strong jets of water and dust in damaging quantities (IP 54). The energy can be charged by generator, power grid, photovoltaic or fuel cells, stored in a safe LiFePO4 battery and retrieved through two 230 V AC sockets. A special feature of the ARVEY B2 is the ability to hybridize diesel and emergency generators.

2.3 kW Power

2.25 kWh Capacity

900 W Solar Input

ARVEY E3 & E5 for professional use

The ARVEY E3 and ARVEY E5 are mobile energy systems for powering applications with high demands on performance and battery capacity. For example, the E3 can achieve a power of 3 kW à 4.5 kWh battery capacity and the E5 5 kW power à 6 kWh battery capacity. The systems have one or two sockets for connecting 230V AC consumers and draw electrical energy from a safe LiFePO4 battery.
The battery can be charged with photovoltaic energy via a generator, the mains or also via the built-in MPPT solar charge controller. Connected loads are supplied with the external energy during the charging process. The system is enclosed in a metal housing with wheels on the bottom.

3 | 5 kW Power

4.5 | 6 kWh Capacity

up to 1.6 | 3.2 kW Solar input


Energy Container Solution

Through innovation and flexibility, AXSOL is creating a new way of providing energy with its Energy Container Solutions (ECS). From mobile use for supplying temporary infrastructure to peak shaving applications in the megawatt range, the systems are specially adapted to the respective application. Each solution is individual and is precisely tailored to the respective specifications and requirements.
Intelligent energy management hybridises conventional power generators or completely replaces them by integrating renewable energy generators such as photovoltaics, wind or hydropower. The system control with self-optimising demand analysis software ensures a significant increase in efficiency, safety and sustainability.
Each system has a modular, scalable LiFePO4 battery storage with corresponding power and control electronics and is provided to the user pre-wired, configured and parameterised as a ready-to-use solution.

Freely scalable output

3 MWh battery capacity per 40ft container 

Independence & Scalability of generation sources

CNHybrid – Technology integration with partner Continest

In the CNHybrid, AXSOL combines an intelligent energy generation and storage system with innovative, foldable 20-foot containers from cooperation partner CONTINEST. The CNH owes its versatility to its integrated battery storage. Together with mobile photovoltaic systems and a back-up generator, this forms the ideal unit for maximum efficiency and security of supply – in any situation.

AXSOL’s integrated energy systems can be configured to suit any application thanks to their modular design, intelligent system control and a sophisticated installation system. For example, the battery capacity can be configured depending on the application and the output power can be expanded to up to 10 kVA by operating several inverters in parallel.

up to 10 kVA output

up to 50 kWh capacity

PV power in 2 kWp modules


E-FILL HOME 300 – The compact solar power plant with a plug


In order to encourage energy transition, we are trying to enable everyone – including private individuals – to use inexpensive renewable electricity at home. With our E-Fill Home 300 solar panel, everyone has the chance to produce their own electricity with the help of solar energy and consume it directly, whether as a mini power plant on the rooftop, in the garden or the balcony.

From the sun into the socket!

The highly effective 300 Wp solar panel paired with a compact solar inverter of the highest quality supplies your home with free, clean energy. No complicated installation is necessary – plug and play into the socket and produce your own balcony electricity. The panel can be mounted anywhere and oriented towards the sun. The electricity produced reduces your electricity costs and you do something good for the environment. With the addition of a mobile storage unit, you can also use the generated energy in the evening when the sun is no longer shining. Several E-Fill Home 300s can be connected to each other using our connection cable. Perfectly suited for your own balcony power plant.


33,21 V nominal voltage

320 WP nominal power