Our Cooperation and Distribution Partners

Do you as a company need support in your search for a mobile energy solution? We are at your disposal as a cooperation partner. Our sales partners all over the world will help you to implement your projects and ideas.


Bavariapool is the expert for the development and production of cleaning, protection and care systems for surfaces of all kinds. They offer bottling and worldwide shipping of products from one source, service and advice on all pending chemical and technical problems. Bavariapool guarantees their customers from all sectors of industry and commerce an increased lifetime of their materials and equipment. Company uses renewable raw materials, ecologically harmless, that are 95% biodegradable and developed in accordance with the sustainable development.

AXSOL and Bavariapool cooperate since January 2019 to jointly develop a cleaning system for solar active panels which protects the surfaces and enhance cleaning intervals by generating a kind of lotus effect. This additionally prolongs the lifecycle of the solar modules.


CAASON is an investment group based in Melbourne, Australia. The family-owned company mainly supports projects related to innovation and sustainability. The main investment sectors are agriculture, exploration, mining, energy, environmental technologies and telecommunications.

In our cooperation, the CAASON Group has been supporting us since 2020 in the development of new distribution opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

CONTINEST | Space to go

Continest is one of the market leaders in the field of mobile infrastructure solutions, especially folding containers. With the support of its industrial partners, Continest aims to gradually transform the current energy production and storage methods used by public institutions.

Together with Continest, we are creating a common platform with the goal of developing the most innovative solution that will not only meet and exceed expected fuel economy targets, but also provide complementary solutions that are critical for military units and public facilities: Protection of personnel, mobility, modularity and well-being.

ARVEY will take care of the power generation and storage sector, while the integration of the solutions will be done in coordination with Continest and Zarges’ SME partners. One of our major R&D programs will resolve the limitations of the thermal spectrum of current storage solutions.


Dedolight was founded in 1984 on an original concept that for many years produced the most popular lightning tool in professional cinema, television, photography, as well as in architecture around the world. By 1990, Dedolight and its truly revolutionary optical principle of the dual-lens system had fully proved their worth by becoming the international standard of quality in the professional community and was awarded the OSCAR Prize of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Technology. Dedolight now is global brand that produces unique products for the film and television industry that has a worldwide distribution network.

Dedolight started to cooperate with ARVEY by working on a new product. ARVEY provides the ARVEY A1 the energy storage and solar power generator in one device to power the high-performance lightning tools of Dedolight without the need of grid power. The independence of long cables and the power of renewable sources opens for creativity with green energy on the set.

Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik

The Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik from the Lower Franconian town of Iphofen carries out measurements of electromagnetic fields and waves (EMF) on property as well as at sleeping and working places. It operates worldwide. Dr. Dietrich Moldan is a specialist in the assessment of electromagnetic fields at workplaces according to DGUV regulation 15 (previously BGV B 11). A main focus of the activity is the determination of causes of malfunctions and their remedies by means of appropriate solutions or reduction measures. A large network enables cooperation in a wide variety of technical and spatial areas. The Iphöfer measurement technology seminars IMS are THE meeting point for further training and for the exchange of experiences among colleagues. In workshops, great importance is attached to quality assurance for measuring devices in the low and high frequency as well as their handling.

ARVEY and Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik have been cooperating since 2019, in particular in the area of ​​wireless energy supply for measuring devices on undeveloped land, construction sites and whenever it is a matter of quickly relocating measuring devices without an appropriate mains power supply.


DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes for athletes. Company works for apparel-, footwear-, bindings-, ski- and equipment-divisions using the most cutting-edge materials and manufacturing process in the way to ensure the best possible outcome. DYNAFIT produces equipment for endurance mountain activities both in summer and in winter. Company is using pared-down alpine designs and ultralight high-tech materials to make their product lightweight, efficient and reliable for athlets.

ARVEY and DYNAFIT jointly develop energy storage and ultra-light weight solar panels to provide green power for athlets during their expeditions at the remotest areas on the globe. The solar panels are light and power that they generate makes communication possible for every day and ongoing.

LDO Group

The LDO-Group is a specialist in mining and tunneling. Based in New South Wales, the company distributes high quality battery powered heavy duty mining trucks and utility vehicles in the Australasia region. LDO Group has been cooperating with our partner CAASON since 2020. Both have joined forces to obtain approvals for our batteries and power electronics for use in the Australasian region.

The aim of this cooperation is to integrate our safe high-performance batteries into underground mining vehicles.

Linum Technologies

Linum Technologies is a specialist in energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. All products from modular elite, residential and complete systems to industrial energy storage systems (ESS) have all undergone extensive German development and testing procedures.

As our distribution partner, Linum Technologies is available in the USA to help you implement your ideas.


Oberland Gear produces clothing, vests and accessories for military needs. Being a newborn company in the market, during one year they have had numerous personal conversations with soldiers and policemen at fairs, exhibitions and events, exchanged ideas and now the company fulfilled a pleasing conclusion about their product.

ARVEY and Oberland Gear are going to integrate technologies for energy harvesting and storage functionality for fabrics to support persons with energy needed while in move. The project is about to run in Spring 2020.

Planson International 

Planson International, a women-owned company, provides IT solutions for humanitarian aid, development, sustainability and emergency response to organizations worldwide. They are also committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Impact.

With us as a partner, Planson International can deliver our A1 power generator to aid projects around the world to provide customised solutions in emergencies.


For RUAG – as a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and international customers, safety is paramount. Life cycle management for air & ground systems as well as for communication and reconnaissance systems plays a central role in this.

The focus of the cooperation is the sensible combination of RUAG’s products with AXSOL’s battery storage solutions in order to equip military units with state-of-the-art technology and a reliable energy supply.

Rübsam Technik

With innovative solutions in the field of electrical engineering and electronics as well as their craftsmanship, they are the experts for sustainable success. RÜBSAM Technik GmbH specializes in sales, manufacturing and mobile service within the scope of assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair measures of technical systems of all kinds, especially in the field of security, measurement, communication, welding, energy and environmental technology.

They are a reliable partner in the specialized segment for the public sector, customers from the security and defense industry and related industries. Combined with their safety inspections, customized training and education, and consulting services, they offer an all-in-one service portfolio.

SFC Energy AG

SFC Energy AG is a leading supplier of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions. With more than 45,000 fuel cells sold worldwide, SFC Energy is a sustainably profitable fuel cell manufacturer.

AXSOL and SFC Energy AG have decided to join forces and develop new potentials for the integration and expansion of mobile and (partly) stationary battery storage systems by fuel cells.

University of Würzburg

The Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Germany, having been founded in 1402. The University has huge amount of Nobel Laureats worked in, such as Conrad Röntgen (1901, Physics, X-Rays), Emil Fischer (1902, Chemistry), Wilhelm Wien (1911, Physics), Hans Spemann (1935, Medicine), Harald zur Hausen (2008, Medicine) etc.

ARVEY is cooperating since 2016 with the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg in development of energy storage related electronics and software. The future cellular energy network is the field of scientific research focused.


ZARGES is the first light-metal construction company in Europe to be operating internationally from its headquarters in Weilheim with around 800 employees and three production plants in Europe. As a market leader in innovation, ZARGES offers its customers products and services that set standards in safety, durability and ergonomics. ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of the light metal material aluminum such as high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. ZARGES has the right product for every need and also offers customized solutions. regardless of whether these are for the service, trading, skilled trades, or business sectors, or for private applications. The core products are special purpose boxes for rugged use like on expeditions for special tools, for transports of dangerous goods. Service Platforms for Aircrafts or at industry. Ladders and Stairs.

ARVEY and ZARGES cooperate since 2017 and since then successfully integrated solar power generators into ultra-robust boxes called MITRASET of Zarges for use as a universal power supply for harshest applications in military use. With the help of integrated solar generators immediate and high power for land marine and airborne situations is possible.

We want to sincerely thank all our partners for the excellent cooperation and deep trust.

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