Military Energy Supply to go – speed and safety in one product

Our fair report and products were featured in the last issue of Wehrtechnik (I/2022)!

The topic was the Industry Day in Ingolstadt and the products AXSOL presented at the fair from the field of technical equipment and innovation on national as well as European level. At the Industry Day a dialogue between different stakeholders from military, industry and NATO representatives takes place. In Ingolstadt, AXSOL GmbH showed several of its innovative energy storage systems. AXSOL serves both the mobile and stationary supply channels. The requirements for mobile power supply and the relevance of protection during operations are constantly increasing. In order to meet the increasing demands for mobile power in the field, AXSOL has developed the ARVEY B2. The ARVEY B2 is a mobile battery storage system and represents the next evolutionary step in mobile military power. AXSOL’s Energy Container Solutions (ECS) can be connected to any generator source and hybridize conventional power generators or completely replace them by integrating renewable energy generators such as photovoltaic, wind or hydro power. The highlight of “Industry Day 2021” was the CNHybrid. The commander of the Pioneer School in Ingolstadt, Brigadier General Uwe Becker, and the director of the MILENG COE, Colonel Thorsten Ludwig, had the CNHybrid demonstrated at the exhibition and AXSOL was given the opportunity to discuss the application areas and advantages of the CNHybrid in military operations.