AXSOL GmbH and SFC Energy AG combine battery and fuel cell technology to provide power for continuous supply and high loads in use and applications.

Broad-based, secure energy supply is one of the key tasks for the progressive development of mankind in the 21st century. In view of the globalization and digitalization of the economy, it is crucial for the growth and success of industrialized and emerging countries. The resilience of the energy supply is also playing an increasingly important role in small applications and uses.

This means that a crisis-proof and thus self-sufficient energy supply is also becoming increasingly important for public authorities, for example, in order to be able to react appropriately to increasingly complex situations and factors such as networking, the use of alternative/renewable energies, the reduction of logistical supply costs and the reduction of dependency (self-sufficiency).

In order to meet this goal in the near future, AXSOL GmbH and SFC Energy AG have decided to join forces and develop new potentials for the integration and expansion of mobile and (partially) stationary battery storage systems by fuel cells.

SFC Energy is a leading supplier of direct methanol and hydrogen fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions. AXSOL designs, develops and manufactures partially and completely self-sufficient energy storage systems for mobile and stationary use – from generation and storage to efficient consumption.

The relationship focuses on combining the advantages of both technologies to provide customers and users with a new set of functionalities. For example, the hybridization of fuel cells can extend battery life, increase the available peak load (compared to stand-alone fuel cells) when needed, and increase the independence of the power supply in use or application. In further developing the possible applications, both parties combine their extensive knowledge and years of experience in their specific market areas to provide customers with a sustainable, secure and demand-oriented energy supply in the long term.