Stefan Knetsch (RUAG AG) und Jürgen Zinecker (AXSOL GmbH)

AXSOL GmbH (hereinafter AXSOL) and RUAG AG (hereinafter RUAG) combine their expertise to expand RUAG’s technical offering with modern energy storage systems from AXSOL.

A reliable energy infrastructure is one of the most important basic requirements in military operations of any kind. Electricity must always be available reliably, flexibly, at low cost and preferably with low noise and emissions. Battery storage solutions are a perfect solution for these requirements, as they can be sustainably charged via renewable sources and then safely provide the energy.

The use of batteries brings several advantages. In addition to the high flexibility provided by different operating modes, these include, above all, the rapid availability of electrical energy and the high level of safety in logistics and application. In addition, battery storage systems generate fewer emissions because no fuel is consumed, making CO2-neutral operation possible.

The cooperation between the two companies offers new potential for the integration of modern battery storage systems in military technology. AXSOL and RUAG have therefore decided to pursue joint paths in this area.

For RUAG – as a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and international customers, safety comes first. Life cycle management for air & ground systems as well as for communication and reconnaissance systems plays a central role. AXSOL brings many years of experience in the design and implementation of mobile and stationary energy storage systems. For this purpose, the company internally bundles its knowledge of electrical engineering, IT/software and chemistry and further deepens this know-how through close cooperation with research institutes.

The focus of the collaboration is on combining the products of the two companies in a meaningful way in order to equip military units with state-of-the-art technology and a reliable energy supply. Specifically, this involves AXSOL’s ARVEY B2, which is to act as a self-sufficient power supply unit for RUAG’s military radio system (MIFAP system).