Milipol is an international event on homeland security and safety. Milipol was held for the 22nd edition from October 19 – 22, 2021. Over 31,000 visitors attended the event at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, France. A total of 1089 exhibitors from 55 different countries presented their projects at the fair, which was organized by the French Ministry of Interior and several government agencies.

This year AXSOL GmbH presented the new energy storage system ARVEY B2. The ARVEY B2 is specially designed for military applications and offers all features to ensure the power supply in harsh environments. Its extremely robust housing provides protection against splash water and dust in damaging quantities (IP 54). The use of LifePO4 batteries ensures a low-risk operation due to their safe battery technology. The system is built according to the technical requirements for generating sets (VG 96968-1) and is equipped with insulation monitoring, residual current device (RCD), power circuit breaker (MCB) and more. The ARVEY B2 provides mobile power with a capacity of up to 2,300 W and a battery capacity of 2,250 Wh. This can charge a laptop for 37.5 hours and power a radio for 150 hours.

Chargeable via generator, grid, photovoltaic and fuel cells, the ARVEY B2 is equipped for each source and designed according to the individual needs of the user. To demonstrate the practicality of using the ARVEY B2 with different power sources, AXSOL also had the fuel cell from SFC Energy AG, a renowned hydrogen manufacturer. At the exhibition, renewable electricity was generated and stored sustainably with the help of the ARVEY B2. The combination of  these technological features results in tactical and technical advantages over conventional power supplies, such as high weight and emission reduction, fail-safety due to additional fuel logistics, no noise and heat, and increased peak load due to power electronics. While the B2 can also be charged using only conventional methods such as diesel or emergency generators, the full benefits in terms of efficiency gains and cost reduction are realized only when it is understood as part of a self-contained energy system. If the energy system remains open to all types of power generation, the prevailing conditions and circumstances of each application and deployment can be best exploited. This type of hybridization will play an increasingly important role in the future.

The ARVEY B2 found much approval and favor at Milipol 2021. The team from AXSOL GmbH is pleased about the immense positive feedback and the associated cooperations in the future.