ARVEY succeeded for the first round of Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) contest in energy section with our partner Pop Up City Inc (member Continest group).

The “Pop up City” Contest is a multi-phased contest for innovators to develop reliable, energy efficient, integrated and scalable energy, water and waste management systems for Relocatable Temporary Camps (RTCs). Contests are a competitive means of finding innovative solutions and awarding prizes to the best solutions derived from the innovation community. Specifically, this Contest is seeking solutions designed to manage the energy, water and waste needs of a 150 to 1,500-person RTC, operating in a temperate climate zone.

The Pop up City Contest has several objectives are to:

  1. Stimulation of innovation and development of solutions that significantly reduce RTC fuel and water inputs, and waste outputs, while maintaining specified performance capacities.
  2. Reduction of current fuel (33%), water input (33%) and waste output (33%) (all rates are for RTCs).

ARVEY’s solution includes: primary energy source, state of art batteries and additional renewables.