Dedolight the owner of Cinec Award in 1990, Technical Achievement in 1991, Scientific and Engineering Award in 2003 and an Emmy award chooses Arvey as the best mobile energy solution for professional lighting systems.

Dedolight takes ARVEY A1 Solar Generator with energy storage system and is going to release it under its own name as Dedolight Arvey. The device represents personal portable plug which runs as many household devices as possible. No matter where you are Arvey A1 will provide you with non-emission self-generated solar energy. Extra energy that was not used during the day is stored and stays available to use even after the sunset. At the output the device has a standard two-poles network outlet which allows to power any electrical appliances. Possible power of Arvey A1 reaches 1000-2000 top watts. The device you can rely on independent of your location was presented by Dedolight on a IBC2019, the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show in Amsterdam. On the meeting with Juergen Zinecker Dedo Weigert said that Arvey A1 is the product of future. It has huge potential as a safe, economical and practical solution for professionals. We are glad to cooperate with the company that has similar goals and objectives, namely to provide a decent product in the market to satisfy human and be careful to nature.

About our partner

Dedolight was founded in 1984 on an original concept that for many years produced the most popular lightning tool in professional cinema, television, photography, as well as in architecture around the world. By 1990, Dedolight and its truly revolutionary optical principle of the dual-lens system had fully proved their worth by becoming the international standard of quality in the professional community and was awarded the OSCAR Prize of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Technology. Dedolight now is global brand that produces unique products for the film and television industry that has a worldwide distribution network.

We look forward to even closer cooperation with Dedolight hereafter and believe in a better future that we can create together.