State-of-the-art Field Communication Meets Ultra-Secure Energy Storage Systems

The demand for mobile power in military operations has increased significantly in recent years, seven-fold in five years alone to 2019 and is expected to increase by the same amount by next year as equipment such as field computers and satellite communications are used increasingly independently from the power infrastructure. Thus, the requirements for mobile power and the relevance of protection in the field continue to increase. To meet the increasing requirements for mobile power in the field, AXSOL GmbH has developed the ARVEY B2.
The ARVEY B2 is a mobile battery storage system that represents the next evolutionary stage of mobile military power. It is equipped with very high capacity for field operations and delivers up to 2.3 kW continuously from two VDE- and VG-compliant sockets. The ARVEY B2’s greatest advantage is its ease of use in storing and retrieving power. It provides power at the touch of a button, similar to a large power bank that provides universal power and can be used to serve mobile power needs quickly and flexibly. This makes it ideal for special forces in particular.
All consumers can be connected to the ARVEY B2. For example, a battery charge of 2.25 kWh can brew over 1,000 espressos, power a large cut-off grinder for over 1 hour, or run a notebook continuously for up to a week.
In addition, the ARVEY B2 can be operated completely independently due to its stand-alone design. To increase the energy supply of operations and applications, the capacity can be extended by appropriate battery storage units or by interconnecting several units via a commercially available extension cable.
In addition to the regenerative power input for solar power or fuel cells, the ARVEY B2 can be charged via mains power. Additionally, it can act as a buffer storage by connecting a SEA (power generation aggregate). As soon as the ARVEY B2 battery is empty, the diesel genset switches on and supplies the application.

The ARVEY B2 is quiet, highly mobile and operates without emissions. This means that it can also be operated in closed rooms or vehicles without any problems.

Primarily, it is perfectly equipped for demanding mobile applications. The robust housing – the Zarges Mitraset Classic 19″ made of aluminum is IP65 certified as well as EMC- and EMP-protected. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are integrated, which is the only self-safe battery chemistry among high-capacity batteries, as it has low thermal activity and therefore cannot self-ignite.

The ARVEY B2 can also be combined with AXSOL’s energy containers (ECS) into an integrated system solution for the hybridization in military services. For this, the ARVEY B2 is charged in the central container stations, with the possibility of priority charging for the fastest operational readiness, or a short-term capacity expansion of the entire system (peak shifting). Up to 80% of the small diesel generators can be replaced this way by the ARVEY B2. Additional benefits can be realized in the integration of renewables into the military energy infrastructure.
A hybridization of power generation can combine the advantages of stand-alone power systems and those of diesel generators and achieve tremendous benefits in terms of efficiency, comfort, sustainability, cost reduction, and safety. The most distinctive benefits include fuel savings of up to 70% through renewable energy sources and generator off-times, up to 80% lower generator maintenance requirements, and increased generator lifetime through off-times and peak shaving.

In combination with solutions from IT and consulting specialist CGI, the ARVEY B2 can be used to operate communications and other safety-critical equipment fully autonomously in the field. For instance, a modern battlefield server (~80 W, max. 150 W) can be powered for 30 hours on a single charge, during which it is not dependent on power cables or generators. Alternatively, it also serves as a UPS. When powered by clean energy generators, this offers a low-emission, low-noise, and low-odor alternative to emission-laden diesel generators.
At AFCEA 2021 in Bonn, Germany, AXSOL showcased the ARVEY B2 and provided continuous power to the outdoor booth with its solutions. For additional protection against power outages, a solar panel (600 W) was hung on the exterior façade and ran continuously, feeding clean, emission-free electricity into the ARVEY B2. In addition, fuel cells were connected to provide either an independent or supplementing power source to the solar input at the push of a button, maximizing the stability of the system.
The ARVEY B2 enables efficient use of existing resources, saves money, and increases the safety and comfort of soldiers. It is part of a revolution in power provision for mobile applications in militaries worldwide. As such, power in the field has never been this easy and safe.