Hybridization of diesel and emergency generators by the solutions of AXSOL GmbH

Especially in professional, mobile, and safety-critical application environments, diesel is an important energy storage medium. Whether on construction sites, mobile film sets, or for supplying aid missions and military infrastructures – electrical power is mostly provided by diesel gensets.

DC industry and self-consumption optimization through AXSOL storage and energy solutions

Industry is responsible for around 30% of CO2 emissions in Germany. Due to the successively increasing CO2 tax, the electricity price in heavy industry has almost doubled since the beginning of 2021, which endangers the business models of individual companies and reduces their competitiveness in global comparison.

Why do we use lithium iron phosphate batteries in our storage solutions?

What are the characteristics, features and advantages of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries compared to conventional lithium ion batteries (LIB)? We explain this in the following article.


Currently, the supply and demand of electricity are kept in balance primarily by controllable fossil-fuel power plants. In the course of the energy transition, the entire energy demand is to be switched to renewable energy sources, thus drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Enough renewable energy is available: on the area of Germany alone, as much solar energy falls annually as is consumed worldwide. However, unlike fossil fuel power plants, renewable sources are more unreliable, subject to external factors and seasonal and diurnal fluctuations.