History and Mission


Safe and easy access to energy for everyone!

Energy is one of the foundations of life and development – we at AXSOL are trying to secure the energy supply of the future for as many people as possible worldwide. The vision of AXSOL GmbH is to bring usable energy to even the most remote places in the world by means of universal solutions.

We at AXSOL stand for sustainability. Customers and users should be prepared for the future and new technologies with our solutions. Therefore, all solutions of AXSOL are based on modularity, expandability and the possibility of technology shifting.

We are pioneers, optimists, realists, idealists, and lateral thinkers who shape tomorrow’s energy supply with new innovative ideas. Whether mobile for small applications in pocket size or huge for industry and energy suppliers. The battery age is coming – it has to come to resolve climate change worldwide. We are making our contribution!

To translate our ideas into reality, we rely on openness to new ideas and a transparent, agile way of dealing with each other. Flat hierarchies help us to consider every new idea.


AXSOL stands for the needs-based and simple provision of environmentally friendly energy

Whether for small devices in the field, on the construction site or in operative use, for higher self-sufficiency of houses and apartments or for buffering large amounts of energy in industry, infrastructure or energy supply – we at AXSOL offer our customers and users scalable, application-specific, needs-based and secure solutions for the use, generation and storage of energy.

In places where no reliable electricity is available today, it will likely not be available by conventional means in the foreseeable future. AXSOL is committed to ensuring that everyone who needs electricity can take it to these places – economically and sustainably. AXSOL’s solutions can therefore improve the living and working conditions of many people worldwide!


2012: The AXSOL GmbH is founded by Jürgen Zinecker to identify new technologies in the renewable energy sector and to develop them into a market-ready state.

2014: In the course of the ebola crisis, the first fully self-sufficient, portable solar system is shipped to Africa by AXSOL to bridge power outages in mobile field hospitals. This successful deployment is the starting signal for a complete focus on mobil power systems.

2016: The ARVEY A-Series reaches market ready status and is awarded with the Federal Innovation Award.

2017: The Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen GmbH (BM|T), a investment company of the Free State of Thuringia, invests into AXSOL as lead investor together with one institutional Co-Investor and one private investor to fuel the growth and market entry of AXSOL with their mobile power system ARVEY.

2018: We were able to win new strategic partners. With BSSD GmbH Berlin we have a cooperation partner in the area of “Panic Rooms“. Here we equip the panic rooms with the ARVEY A1 for autonomous power supply.

Cooperation with ZARGES GmbH: the ZARGES energy box/power box improves the off-grid power supply for the German Armed Forces / emergency services by providing a renewable / green, portable and expandable power supply in a modular system. The certified logistics of the ZARGES company is perfectly complemented by innovative concepts for power supply by AXSOL.

Cooperation agreement with Steinbeis Transfer Center Identification Media & Identification Management on the purchase/sale of AXSOL GmbH products

2019: Expansion of the cooperation with the University of Würzburg in the course of new projects in the field of “Mobile Energy“.

Withdrawal of BM|T, the co-investor and private investor and entry of the new investor Dreger Group GmbH, Frankfurt


Before founding AXSOL, Jürgen Zinecker has been working as managing director in sales and marketing for the ADULO GmbH for eight years until 2014. ADULO was a software development company for the building component production and sales sector.

Predating this, he had held the position as chairman for marketing and sales for the b.i.s. AG (Stock Exchange Information Systems) and was in charge of the preparations for the company’s stock market launch in “Neuer Markt” (new market) Frankfurt as well as Marketing, restructuring of the Sales Department and international aqcuisitions and cooperations.

The studied business economist and topographer furthermore founded his first company in 1995 – Navigon GmbH – and made it into a market leading high-tech company in the navigation field. The company was sold to the swiss Distefora AG in 1997 in course of revitalising the Distefora AG for their IPO at the EBS (Electronic Stock Exchange Switzerland), which Zinecker was assisting with.

He gained his software experience as leader of the business unit software/Europe for the US-american company Trimble Navigation from Sunnyvale California, and as leader of software development/-customization in Germany for the Japanese Optoelectronics Company Sokkisha and its German subsidiary Sokkisha GmbH in Cologne.