Third party accessories such as solar panels or wind turbines can be used on the ARVEY A1 as long as they meet the specifications for renewable energy sources:

  • Max. Input voltage: 48V Voc
  • Max. PV module voltage: 40V
  • Recommended input voltage: 30V
  • Minimum input voltage: 27V
  • Max. Input power: 800W

ARVEY E-Series

The technology is already mature. With our high-quality power electronics and long-life LFP batteries, the E-Series already has an advantage over diesel and gasoline generators (see question on cost). The first restrictions and bans on diesel-powered equipment are being introduced, and diesel prices will continue to rise as well. An investment in battery-powered equipment is already paying off and will become even more attractive as fuel prices rise. And beyond that, in few areas is there “the right moment” to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. Active climate protection is needed immediately – on a small and large scale.


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The instruction manual for the ARVEY E3 and E5 can be found here: Instruction Manual E-Series


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