Problem 1: The cable polarity is wrong.

Solution 1: Check polarity.

Problem 2: The connecting cables may be damaged.

Solution 2: Replace the cables or use a different power source.

Problem 3: Internal fuse.

Solution 3: Contact your nearest AXSOL certified service center.

ARVEY E-Series

That’s right. Of course, the rest of the advantages such as the avoided exhaust gases and diesel savings remain. However, during the operation of a demolition hammer, it will be noisy even with our E-Series. However, experience shows that diesel generators are often not only turned on while the equipment is in use, but also left on during breaks in between for convenience. Basic noise that can be prevented with our E-Series.


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The instruction manual for the ARVEY E3 and E5 can be found here: Instruction Manual E-Series


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