E-FILL HOME 300 – The compact solar power plant with a plug

5 years total warranty!

In order to encourage energy transition, we are trying to enable everyone – including private individuals – to use inexpensive renewable electricity at home. With our E-Fill Home 300 solar panel, everyone has the chance to produce their own electricity with the help of solar energy and consume it directly, whether as a mini power plant on the rooftop, in the garden or the balcony.

From the sun into the socket!

The highly effective 300 Wp solar panel paired with a compact solar inverter of the highest quality supplies your home with free, clean energy. No complicated installation is necessary – plug and play into the socket and produce your own balcony electricity. The panel can be mounted anywhere and oriented towards the sun. The electricity produced reduces your electricity costs and you do something good for the environment. With the addition of a mobile storage unit, you can also use the generated energy in the evening when the sun is no longer shining. Several E-Fill Home 300s can be connected to each other using our connection cable. Perfectly suited for your own balcony power plant.

320 Wp Nominal power


18,96 % Efficiency

Input max. PV Power380 W
Output max. AC Power300 W
Max. Efficiency96,7 %
Nominal power320 Wp
Nominal voltage33,21 V
Efficiency18,96 %


Ease of use

Solar power plants up to 600 W uncomplicated to use yourself

Cost reduction

Savings potential of up to €200 per year for 2 Home 300 panels


Higher independence in combination with power storage

Less CO2

Around 125 kg CO2 savings possible per year

The balcony power plant for everyone

An own mini solar system is today as simple and cheap as never before. You only need one or more photovoltaic modules with a suitable inverter. It is usually equipped with a Schuko plug, which can be plugged into an ordinary household socket. Add to this the appropriate installation kit and the installment and energy cost saving can begin. Please note that according to the VDE guideline, the power supply should be provided by a Wieland plug!

A balcony power plant in Germany may have up to 600 watts without the need to hire an electrician. However, an informal notification must be made to the responsible network operator, who will check whether it is necessary to install a meter without backstop.

Our ARVEY E-Fill Home 300 solar modules E-Fill Home 300 solar modules including inverter offer you the highest quality and exactly the right solution for your balcony power plant (selfPV). Together with the ARVEY A1 solar generator, you always have an emergency power solution ready in your home.

Currently only for pickup in our head office in Würzburg.

If the demand increases, we consider an expansion of the offer!