Energy Container Solutions

  • Completely self-sufficient energy supply system
  • Intelligent and demand-oriented control system
  • Operation of all energy sources (solar, wind, fuel cells, grid power, diesel generators)
  • Continuous power supply and 100% resilience
  • Free parameterization and configurability in size, performance, and capacity

Mobile Energy as an intelligent island system

Thanks to the demand-oriented, intelligent energy mix, the AXSOL Energy Container Solutions makes self-sufficient, reliable energy supply easy to use, especially in off-grid regions. Be it for industrial, military, or agricultural use, the ECS is fully configurable and thus perfectly equipped for even the toughest conditions.

State-of-the-art LiFePO4 batteries offer enhanced intrinsic safety and can be flexibly adapted to the requirements and conditions of the application. In addition, power generation can be made regenerative with additional solar modules. Here, the system relies primarily on renewable energies and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

The ECS stands out due to its extraordinarily high safety, excellent transportability, and quick commissioning: all systems are delivered ready-to-use and can be put into operation by trained personnel in a maximum of 4 hours. A foldable container solution in cooperation with Continest is also available, which makes transport even easier.


Advantages over Conventional Energy Applications


Examples of Application

  • Optimized efficiency and decarbonization
  • Decreased fuel consumption by minimizing idle times (up to 70%)
  • Reduced generator maintenance (up to 80%)
  • Increased load capacity of the system
  • Extended service life
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Higher sustainability
  • In military use
  • In disaster control
  • In refugee aid
  • In agriculture & forestry
  • In mining
  • In the construction industry
  • At major events (sporting events, festivals, etc.)

CN20 Hybrid

The CN20 hybrid an intelligent power generation- and storage system with innovative, foldable 20-ft-containers from CONTINEST – The highly mobile solution with integrated power supply for all applications where large crowds need to be supplied in sectors such as accommodation, office, warehouse heating and cooling or hospitality.

Suitable for every application.

The integrated energy systems from AXSOL can be configured to suit any application thanks to their modular design, intelligent system control and a sophisticated installation system. In steps of 2.4 kWh each, the battery storage can thus be freely selected up to a size of 96 kWh, for example. The output power can also be extended to up to 30 kVA by parallel operation of several inverters.

Technical Data

Dimensions closed6060 x 2440 x 540 mm
Dimensions open6060 x 2440 x 2750 mm
Battery Technology48 V LiFePO4
System Voltage230 V
Battery CapacityUp to 100 kWh
OutputUp to 30 kVA
Photovoltaic2 kWp pro EXOrac
Generator (optional)3,7 kVA / 230 V

Energy. Always and everywhere.

Thanks to the unique folding mechanism, the CN20 hybrid can be folded to just 540 mm and thus up to ten units can be transported on a truck with trailer. All electronic components are permanently installed in the base of the container, so the CN20 hybrid can be completely assembled and ready for use in less than 10 minutes with the help of a forklift truck.

Individual Configuration

CN20 hybrid standardCN20 hybrid mediumCN20 hybrid max off-grid
Output5 kVA15 kVA30 kVA
Battery Capacity10 kWh36 kWh96 kWh
System Voltage230 V230 V230 V/400 V
Photovoltaic Power2 kWp4 kWp10 kWp
Genset Power3,7 kVA3,7 kVA3,7 kVA

OEM Services

Do you have a product or concept where you need mobile energy solutions? Contact us!
Our technologies are already successfully used in many applications. We support you in planning and implementing your very individual project with renewable, mobile power – as a partner or completely in the background.

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