Many people wonder if you need an emergency power supply. There are many factors that speak for an acquisition. The current crisis situation in Ukraine raises the question whether our electricity and gas supply is permanently secured. Globalization is contributing to the fact that we are increasingly dependent on other countries, which can lead to supply bottlenecks. Especially in the event of an escalation of a conflict, the question of securing supply cannot be answered clearly. Therefore, it is important for everyone to ask themselves now: What can I do to protect myself? There are many situations in which it is necessary to have some kind of emergency power supply. If medical care for a family member or important technical equipment depends on a steady supply of electricity, there should be a backup supply. Heating or sewage systems are also often affected by the power supply. The supply of food is affected by the need for permanent refrigeration. Technological innovations such as smart home or electrical security systems can also be affected by a power outage and become vulnerable.

Should you decide to acquire an emergency power supply, it is important to weigh up which is the right solution for you. The classic emergency generator is the diesel generator. However, this comes with some disadvantages because both fuel and a good location must be taken care of. The diesel generator is noisy and there is exhaust gas production. This can be hazardous to health and the resulting emissions are harmful to the environment. There are also small battery storage units that can be plugged in like a power strip. However, in these models the battery storage is very small and the power supply is not secured for a long time. In addition, these models do not produce electricity themselves and therefore do not provide 100% protection.

AXSOL has thought along and offers a solution for any kind of emergency power supply. Our RE-SERVE6 emergency power system provides short-term as well as long-term power. Equipped with ARVEY E5 battery storage, power is covered throughout the house. In addition, our package includes 4 H300 solar panels that can produce new electricity and deliver it directly to the house. Our system is emission-free, quiet and powerful. We rely on renewable energy and secure your home for the long term. You are independent of fuel and fossil fuels.

Invest in your future and security now!