The ARVEY Concept




With the help of our ARVEY concept, you can easily produce, store and of course consume your own electricity according to your wishes.

Any time, any place, any way. Individual as yourself.

The Products from the ARVEY-World


Mobile Storage and Solar Generator

  • Quality power
  • Only 11 kg weight
  • Expandable up to 1920 Wh
  • Noiseless
  • Highly safe battery – not self-igniting

E-Fill Home 300

The Compact Solar Power Plant with a Plug

  • Plug & Play to the house socket
  • Reduces electricity costs
  • 100% for own use
  • Protects the environment
  • Privacy screen with function



E-Fill Home 300


the Energy at home


E-Fill Home 300




the Energy everywhere


E-Fill Home 300




Stationary High Capacity Storage


the energy everywhere

In case your system was not included, contact our team.​

We will be happy to help you realize your ideas.

ARVEY A1 – The portable Generator for regenerative power


Electrifying Features

  • 1.000 watts power and only 11 kg weight
  • Highly secure LiFePO4 polymer battery
  • Precision aluminium housing
  • 8-celled construction for maximum durability
  • Internal multi-sensory monitoring
  • High-grade steel holder with anti-collision device
  • Certified for transportation by air according to UN38.3
  • Capacity adjustable and extensible from 480 Wh to 1.920 Wh
  • Compatible chargeable with solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, line current and much more

What you should know about ARVEY A1

ARVEY A1 is your personal, portable socket. Switch it on, connect a device with a plug and use power – anywhere you are. Charge ARVEY beforehand at a socket or via renewable energies and take it along like a big powerbank..

You can also connect solar panels to ARVEY on the way and directly use the power of the sun for your devices. In case the sunshine is strong enough that you have more power than you use, the integrated battery is recharged automatically while using it. When clouds pass by and power is missing, the integrated battery will help you. The smart electronic controls the discharge via all its power supply sockets as well as the simultaneous recharge of the battery.

ARVEY can be charged with nearly all available energy sources and is as flexible as you want it. Sometimes, you have much sun available for recharging, but have to pay attention on the weight: take along solar panels and leave the batteries at home.

But there are also situations, where you need much power, but you don’t have sunlight available: Just put together more batteries and omit the solar panels.

For all situations, you can equip ARVEY like you need it. ARVEY is modularly constructed and developed in all aspects in a way that allows to provide power reliably whenever you need it. Our storage naturally fulfills the highest standards in terms of safety, technology and construction.


Technical Data and Facts

 Power output 1.000 W
 Power surge 2.000 W
 Power input up to 800 W
 Output connections  AC socket, cigarette lighter, 5.5mm DC plug, USB
 Dimensions 42 x 19 x 27 cm
 Weight 11 kg

Our Storage: A Class of its own

  • Highly secure LiFePO4 polymer battery
  • Precision aluminium housing
  • 8-celled construction for maximum durability
  • Certified for transportation by air according to UN38.3
  • Capacity adjustable and extensible from 480 Wh to 1.920 Wh (stackable)
  • Dischargeable with up to 40 A
  • Rechargeable with up to 40 A

Voltage until the last minute

Each and every one of our high-performance batteries is a small miracle. This 8-cell LiFePO4 battery is sealed in a cast aluminum and steel housing and meets the very highest safety standards with outstanding cycle stability. In addition, the ARVEY LFP20 storage with 480Wh capacity still withstands discharge currents of 40A. Thanks to our battery controller, you can expand your ARVEY up to four storage units, increasing the capacity up to 1,920 Wh per unit.


Technical Data and Facts

 Voltage 24 V
 Charge 20 Ah (conforms 130.000 mAh @ 3,7V)
 Cycles 480 – 1.920Wh
 Zyklen 1.000
Battery type LiFePO4
 Weight 6,9 kg
 Gross battery weight 4,2 kg

What runs how long with one single battery?

  • LED lamp 2 W: 228 hours
  • Fridge 30 W: 16 hours
  • Television 40 W: 11 hours
  • Laptop 70 W: 6,5 hours
  • Jigsaw 450 W: 360 boards
  • Water pump 450 W: 11.000 litres
  • Drill 800 W: 400 holes

How do you want to use mobile power? Get inspired by some of our ideas


Engine off, Power on

Ordinary power from the socket in the vehicle, also with the engine turned-off.


Power in the cottage

We supplied a cottage with electricity.


Power to go

Go on vacation with your own power.


Anything that has a plug

Wood, meadow, furthest corner – where is your next project?



Making coffee inside the tent? No problem.


Have a party

We already supplied a little concert with electricity.


Prepared for everything

Unexpected things happen. Be prepared with ARVEY.


The only electricity far and wide

Your own power for everything, even at sea.


Pumping, Pushing, Lifting

Carry the power to the place where you have your electric engines.

The Balcony Power Plant for Everyone

The own mini solar system is today as simple and cheap as never before. You only need one or more photovoltaic modules with a suitable inverter. It is usually equipped with a Schuko plug, which can be plugged into an ordinary household socket. Add to this the appropriate installation kit and the installment and energy cost saving can begin. Please note that according to the VDE guideline , the power supply should be provided by a Wieland plug!

A balcony power plant in Germany may have up to 600 watts without the need to hire an electrician. However, an informal notification must be made to the responsible network operator, who will check whether it is necessary to install a meter without backstop.

Our ARVEY E-Fill home 300 solar modules including inverter offer you the highest quality and exactly the right solution for your balcony power plant (selfPV). Together with the ARVEY A1 solar generator you always have an emergency power solution ready in your home.