ARVEY – Power to Go




With the help of our ARVEY concept, you can easily produce, store and of course consume your own electricity according to your wishes. Any time, any place, any way. Individual like yourself.​

We have the right system for every application. Just contact our team.​ We will be happy to help you realize your ideas.

ARVEY A1 – The portable Solar generator

ARVEY A1 – The portable Solar generator

The ARVEY A1 is a mobile energy storage system that can be charged via various energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells or grid power. 

Charge the ARVEY A1 beforehand at a power outlet or via renewable energy and take it with you, like a giant power bank. Turn it on, connect a device with plug and use power – no matter where.

For all situations, you can equip ARVEY like you need it. ARVEY is modularly constructed and developed in all aspects in a way that allows to provide power reliably whenever you need it. Our storage naturally fulfills the highest standards in terms of safety, technology and design.

The ARVEY A1 provides sufficient power for all common applications such as refrigerators, lamps, TVs, audio equipment, computers, fans, tools, measuring equipment, water pumps or similar devices.

1 kW power output

Up to 2 kWh power surge

480 W Solar input

Energy – mobile und reliable

  • 1,000 watts of power at only 11 kg weight
  • Highly secure LiFePO4 polymer battery
  • Precision aluminum housing
  • 8-cell construction for maximum durability
  • Internal multi-sensory monitoring
  • Stainless steel handle with collision protection
  • Certified for air transport according to UN38.3
  • Capacity customizable and expandable from 480 Wh to 1,920 Wh
  • Compatible charging with solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, grid power, and much more
  • Combinable with fuel cells from SFC Energy



Meets highest
safety standards


Safest components
High quality


Modular design
Scalable up to 2 kWh


480 W input power
Compatible with 80% of allPV-Panels on the market

Technical data

Power output 1,000 W
Power surge 2,000 W
Input power up to 800 W
Output connections AC socket, cigarette lighter, 5.5mm DC plug, USB
Dimensions 42 x 19 x 27 cm
Weight 11 kg

Applications: mobile operations

  • in construction
  • in agriculture
  • in forestry
  • on emergency missions
  • traveling by car
  • at outdoor projects and events
  • in a construction trailer
  • in a caravan
  • at sea

Our memory: a class of its own

Each one of our high-performance batteries is a little wonder. Sealed in a cast aluminum and steel case, this 8-cell LiFePO4 battery meets the very highest safety standards with outstanding cycle life. In addition, the ARVEY LFP20 storage with 480Wh capacity still withstands discharge currents of 40A. Thanks to our battery controller, you can expand your ARVEY up to four storage units and thus increase the capacity up to 1,920 Wh per unit.

We have been awarded the Federal Prize of the BMWi for our outstanding innovative performance in the skilled crafts sector.


ARVEY E3 & E5 – For professional applications

The ARVEY E3 and ARVEY E5 are mobile energy systems for powering applications with high power and battery capacity requirements. For example, the E3 can achieve 3 kW of power at 4.5 kWh battery capacity and the E5 can achieve 5 kW of power at 6 kWh battery capacity. The systems have one or two sockets for connecting 230V AC consumers and draw the electrical energy from a safe LiFePO4 battery.

The battery can be charged with photovoltaic energy via a generator, the mains or also via the built-in MPPT solar charge controller. Connected loads are supplied with the external energy during the charging process. The system is enclosed in a metal housing with wheels on the bottom.

3 | 5 kW power

4.5 | 6 kWh capacity

up to 1.6 | 3.2 kW solar input

Energy for demanding applications

  • Double CPU intelligent control technology
  • Adjustable power, battery and energy saving modes
  • Flexible application
  • Smart, safe and reliable fan control
  • Pure sine wave output, can adapt to many types of load
  • Wide input voltage range
  • High-precision automatic voltage output function
  • Real-time LCD display
  • Running status at a glance



High-security components and systems

Protective devices

Overcurrent protection for AC input, AC output and battery


Bypass function
UPS for stand-alone applications

Cooling system

Overheating protection
Smart fan control

Technical data

Power output3,000 W5,000 W
Battery capacity4,403 Wh6,144 Wh
Battery technologyLiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
PV input powermax. 1,600 Wmax. 3,200 W
Dimensions62 x 42 x 58 cm
Weight78 kg106 kg
Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-25°C to 55°C

How can you use mobile electricity?


Motor off, power on.

Draw conventional plug-in power in the vehicle, even with the engine off.


Power in the cottage

We used ARVEY to power a winemaker’s hut. Cost-saving, low-emission and 100% self-sufficient.


Power to go

Go on holiday with your own battery storage and recharge with freely available solar energy.


Any device with a plug

The perfect addition for all do-it-yourself enthusiast. ARVEY powers all the tools for your next craft project.


Power on construction sites

Run power drills, saws, concrete mixers for hours without a power outlet? No problem.

All kinds of events

ARVEY has already powered a small festival and outdoor concerts.


UPS for power outages

Back up critical loads against grid failures with ARVEY, which automatically provides backup power in the event of grid disturbances.


arvey on set

ARVEY has worked on numerous film productions, providing power for outdoor shoots, and perfect lighting.


Pump, push, lift

Bring power to your electrical appliances on four wheels. Your battery storage for demanding applications in industry and manufacturing.

Running times of ARVEY A1, A3 & E5 for electrical devices

Device Power A1 (4×480 Wh) E3 (4.403 Wh) E5 (6.144 Wh)
Jigsaw 450 W 4.3 hours 9.8 hours 13.3 hours
Water pump 450 W 426 m³ 978 m³ 1365 m³
Drilling machine 800 W 2.4 hours 5.5 hours 7.6 hours
Concrete mixer 850 W 2.3 hours 5.2 hours 7.2 hours
Demolition hammer 1600 W 1.2 hours 2.8 hours 3.8 hours
Electric welder 2500 W 0.8 hours 1.8 hours 2.4 hours