On every construction site, the focus is on cost optimization and a smooth flow of work. Not least, an important condition for this is a reliable, flexible power supply. With AXSOL’s battery storage solutions, you can build a reliable, cost-efficient infrastructure with or without emergency generators, which incidentally also protects people and nature.


Every deployment, whether short, medium or long term, requires a reliable energy infrastructure. AXSOL’s solutions can help the German Armed Forces, the police or other authorities with a security mission to set up an energy infrastructure quickly, easily and adapted to the climatic and regional conditions of the mission. Energy can be provided on demand, stationary and mobile.


Film and television provide us with entertainment, but film and television unfortunately also have an environmental problem. The production of feature films and series generates large amounts of CO2, including for mobility and energy supply. Especially the latter problem you can make a thing of the past with AXSOL’s innovative products. We show you how to build a greener energy supply with our battery storage solutions.


Power is ubiquitously needed in manufacturing halls. Cost optimization and a smooth work process are also paramount here. Renewable energies, such as photovoltaics, in combination with energy storage solutions are now enjoying ever-increasing demand and also offer industrial producers a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure.


Mobile battery storage and sustainable energy generation are not only topics for the professional sector. Private individuals can also benefit from AXSOL’s innovative solutions. Do you want to save electricity costs, store spare energy and be prepared for an outage? Or are you often on the road for longer periods and want to travel independently? Then find out more about AXSOL’s product solutions for the private sector.


As important as the expansion of renewable energies is for an emission-free future, there are always economic considerations in the background that must justify the construction and operation of corresponding plants. More and more tenders for large PV and wind plants are therefore providing for coupling with battery storage systems so that the investments pay off as quickly as possible. Learn more about AXSOL’s large-scale storage solutions.