Applications in film & TV

Movies and television entertain us, make us laugh and make us cry. Unfortunately, however, film and television also have an environmental problem. One hour of TV programming releases several tons of CO2 in production, and a feature film several hundred tons. Under the motto of “green shooting,” the industry shall become more environmentally friendly and sustainable in the future. The largest part of the ecological footprint on set is determined by mobility and energy supply. Especially the latter problem can be made a thing of the past with AXSOL’s innovative products. We will show you how to build a reliable, cost-efficient and, above all, greener energy supply with our large and small battery storage solutions, with or without emergency generators – and thus protect people and nature.

All our solutions

… use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that are durable and safe, making your film set as low-risk as possible.

… are chargeable from all power sources. These include power grid, photovoltaic, wind & hydroelectric systems, diesel generators and fuel cells.

… are suitable for stand-alone island or even mixed operation through expansion with generator sources.

The CNHybrid combines our smart battery system with innovative, foldable 20-foot containers from cooperation partner CONTINEST. With battery storage integrated into the floor (14.7/31.95/49.7 kWh possible) and unique folding mechanism, the CNHybrid can be folded to just 54 centimeters. Thus, instead of two non-folding containers, up to ten CNHybrid units can be transported to your film set at the same time on a truck with trailer. This saves transport costs and emissions. The CNHybrid is completely assembled and ready for use in less than 10 minutes with the help of a forklift. Regenerative energy is generated by a portable photovoltaic power plant, which can be unfolded to a length of approx. 6 meters in just a few steps and provides 2 or 4 kWp of green energy for the user. To ensure a steady power supply – even in times without sunlight – the container can be supplied with a 3.7 kVA gasoline generator as an emergency generator. For mobile accommodations with energy needs, this cooperation product is particularly suitable.

The CNHybrid Energy Container Solutions are particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Self-sufficient initial or continuous power supply of a film set: you want to shoot at a location that does not offer a power grid connection? The CNHybrid series offers a real alternative to diesel generators. Set up and ready to use in just a few minutes, you can power your electrical equipment while using the space inside the container as a mobile office or dressing room. The structural design of the containers also allows multiple units to be stacked on top of each other, saving floor space.
  • Hybridization of diesel generators for cost savings, noise reduction and emission reduction: Although energy supply exclusively via diesel generators is inexpensive in terms of acquisition costs, the variable costs of the fossil fuel add up to high amounts. In the future, these costs will continue to rise – keyword CO2 tax. In addition, more and more cities are imposing restrictions on the use of fossil fuel generators. We already know that by simply adding battery storage to the generator, its running costs can be reduced by around 30% and operating times by more than 50%. By adding solar panels, we can save further costs, reduce emissions, and minimize the noise generated for staff and residents. In the long run, the maintenance effort and the lifetime of the diesel generator are also optimized in the process.
  • Uninterruptible power supply: In case of mains fluctuations, the power supply is supported by drawing energy from the battery storage system and in case of a complete mains failure, the entire power supply is switched to battery operation within a few milliseconds. This way, your film set projects can be backed up several times and a complete power failure can be avoided.

For applications that require even more output power and storage capacity, our Energy Container Solutions are also ideally suited.

Mobile battery storage solutions

Our ARVEY E3 & E5 solutions are mobile battery storage on transport wheels with 4.5 and 6 kWh capacity. Thanks to the ARVEY E-Series, power-hungry electrical devices and tools up to 3,000 and 5,000 watts of power can be easily operated.  For example, a lighting setup with 2 floodlights (200 W each), 2 spots (300 W each) can be used continuously for 6 hours with the E5. Especially when power is needed at different positions on the same film set, the use of an E3 or E5 is ideal. This way, energy can be reliably provided everywhere – even without connection to a power grid. Diesel generators become superfluous and can be replaced by the much quieter, emission-free battery storage units. If you already have a diesel generator, it is still worth combining it with an E3 or E5. For example, the intelligent by-pass function allows the generator’s power to be used primarily at the ideal speed and any excess energy to be stored in the battery. This way, no energy is lost and you save costs and emissions.

The storage units can be charged by a wide variety of generator sources, whether fossil or renewable. In interconnected operation, our CNHybrid or Container Solutions can also be used as charging stations, allowing you to build a (partially) self-sufficient, battery-based energy ecosystem.


Our ARVEY A1 is the adaptable lightweight battery storage solution. Hand-portable and extra robust thanks to its reinforced aluminum housing, it can be used flexibly and safely on any film set – wherever power is needed. Its expandable battery storage provides you with a capacity of 480 to 1,920 Wh. That’s enough, for example, to power a standard 200-watt spot for more than 2 hours – per battery module.

The A1 is far more mobile than any diesel generator, and is also quiet and cost-saving. It is also rechargeable regardless of the type of generator source and ideally complements our Container Solutions. Charged overnight, it is available to the crew during the day and provides reliable power for tools and other end-user equipment.