Energy is one of the foundations of life and development. We at AXSOL help to make the energy supply in the future safe and sustainable and do our part to realize the energy transition.


AXSOL consists of a young, dynamic and highly motivated team and designs, develops and produces completely self-sufficient power systems for mobile and semi-stationary use – from generation and storage to efficient consumption. For this, we offer our own products or develop your own energy solution together with you as a partner company. Whether on expeditions or events, as a project partner we support you in the planning and implementation of your very individual project with renewable, mobile power.

Renewable Energy

When recharging AXSOL’s portable power supply, we rely mainly on photovoltaic solar panels and solar energy of various sizes and types. AXSOL does, however, also support windmills, water turbines or fuel cells, and conventional fuels.


AXSOL is continuously working with a plethora of ideas and a high standard to develop the most efficient and powerful energy solutions to secure the power supply of our customers on off-grid missions.


The AXSOL Team not only has the neccesary heart, but also the skills to make energy portable. To remain up to par with the latest state of the technology, AXSOL is working in close cooperation with German and international universities.

Concentrated Expertise

AXSOL combines expertise in production, manufacturing, system integration and system control to ensure our value proposition meets our customers’ requirements:


Energy from renewable and conventional sources.


The energy in a modular battery storage system.


According to your own requirements.


We rely on proven technologies from the field of batteries and electronics. For example, we use lithium iron phosphate, also known by the abbreviations LiFePO4 or LFP, in all our battery storage systems. The advantages over other lithium battery technologies:


Up to five times higher cycle life than standard LiION batteries (NMC and NCA).


Constant, reliable and high output power at all times.


No explosions in case of fires or spontaneous combustion in case of short circuits.


Does not contain cobalt or nickel, which are considered toxic heavy metals.

Insights into our new ECS plattform

AXSOL’s newly developed Energy Container Solutions (ECS) offer a scalable battery platform for building large-scale storage facilities to support the grid. This can be used to increase the self-consumption of surplus electricity.

Insights into AXSOL at the IDEaS Contest Canada