Bring Power
into your Life

Having your own mobile energy source with you, no matter for which application, safe, reliable and uncomplicated – this is what the energy solutions of AXSOL offer you. Because for us, e-mobility is more than just movement powered by electricity  – we make the energy itself moveable.  Away from the wall, powerful and portable, used in a place where you need it.

Mobile Energy on the move

AXSOL designs, develops and produces completely self-sufficient power systems for mobile use: generate, store and use your own power efficiently and portable. For this we offer you our own products or develop your own portable power solution together with you as a partner company. No matter if you are planning an expedition, an event or your very own product line, as your project partner we support you in planning and realizing your individual renewable and portable power project.

Renewable Energy

When recharging AXSOL’s portable power supply, they rely mainly on photovoltaic solar panels and solar energy of various sizes and types. AXSOL does, however, also support windmills, water turbines or fuel cells – but no fossil fuels.

Humanitarian Aid

AXSOL engages actively in humanitarian aid in regions requiring aid like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenia and many others. For these regions AXSOL develops special solutions that have a real impact to help in times of need and to encourage refugees to stay in their home regions.


The AXSOL Team not only has the neccesary heart, but also the skills to make energy portable. To remain up to par with the latest state of the technology, AXSOL is working in close cooperation with German and international universities.